True poker rigged

I have heard that some of the online poker rooms are "rigged". Is this true?. Online Poker rooms card distribution is a totally. could that be true?.Crown Resorts shares slide on allegations it rigged poker machines. “If these claims are found to be true, it also points to a massive failure of the regulatory.Obviously those has happened more on online poker as I play 10-30 hands there in same time as one hand in live game.Most of the time, not a hand to amount to shit, and if I do, somebody always has a better one, every once in a bunch of hands, I might win a few cents with a straight or flush or something, but it is all bullshit.They make the money and they know it can end every moment so they want fast money and fast profit.You will no doubt be very tempted to play good poker, but resist, because as soon as you do start playing good poker, you will be flagged as a good player, and the bad beats will start piling up.

Another hand on 6 table, im on big, button raises 4BB I call FLOP TS 7H 4H he bets I go all in he shows QQ, AND A FKIN Q on river, i got so fkin upset I almost broke my finger after hitting the table.I originally deposited over 10 years ago because I loved poker, but play chips were too easy, no challenge and just like bingo.I have so much hand history on this but it proves nothing until I video tape me calling the winners of situations before they happen.This was quite early on so I resisted the urge to chase and go on the tilt.At the end of the first week I was already doubled my buy in.The fact that they so obviously elude any reasonable supervision while trying to fool the gullible into believing they are in fact makes them look like they have something to hide.Why Online Poker Is Not Rigged. 1. As you say, even if Online Poker Code Crack was true, rigged is a misnomer. There is nothing that is absolutely,.

It is true what others have said, take everything you know about poker and forget it.Some win and win, always 2 outers or they are 40-60 or 80-20 dog.Like most offending online poker games, these owners hide their true identities or make it extremely difficult to find out who’s in. Facebook poker is rigged,.I have played thousands of hours of live and online poker and these days you simply cannot build a bankroll online.

He told me he will always come out on top every year, playing the way that he is playing.BetOnline Responds to Online Blackjack Cheating. (we know this is true from. Even some poker players have taken this as a cue that online poker is rigged.

A zero % chance of winning is mathematically impossible, so this leaves very little room for one to speculate on other possibilities.These sites and the companies that are behind them are as shady and unregulated as it gets being deliberately set up in offshore heavens.I also have a graduate school education and what I see is not statistically possible.

Firstly, I swear on anything you like that I am not exaggerating one bit about the hands, the timing of them and the amount it happens to me.Either way its a debate that will always divide opinion, i just read a very interesting topic on a poker community website and watch some of the videos posted by players, and a video released by Poker stars HQ who try and put their side across and i am still non the wiser lol, both arguments seem to have some credibility.

I eventually decided that online poker would be far more profitable to play due to hand volume.There are bots playing at every online table that know all the cards and cripple your ability to bluff, you will get called EVERY time you are bluffing by even ace high on flop when you move in, yet when you have a monster made hand, NO ACTION.

There is nothing random in online poker, and there is no skill in winning.He have develop a super system in that stake, after many years of trials and errors.Had to set up a few bluffs to keep my chip stack up as a result of only having 2 hands in 3 and half bloody hours.A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.

Following hour and a half I got a couple of decent pots after hitting some decent hands on the flop and turn and betting them. eg, pair of tens with high cards down so just continuation bet or re-raise someone I believe is bluffing.This seems like something that would have been possible 15 years ago from a technological standpoint.I got in ahead with margin at least 100 times today (I multi up to 10 tables) and lost every single one.Most players they dont let win even when they play good poker.I think they want me to get in and buy more chips but I refuse.When we turned over our cards I had AA, the second opponent had AA, and the third had KK.Think about is not in any poker sites interest for any player to withdraw money.

I know I keep coming back here but I just had another ridiculous beat again.He is the typical loud mouth you see in ever poker room acting tough.

I played on bwin last night and having KK I raised about 3X BB.That's not true. Poker, especially live poker does involve skill, the ability to read people, to read the game,. It might also be unintentionally rigged.You see, one of the players who had been cleaned out by the cheater had requested a hand history and because the cheat had a super user account the spreadsheet the software generated and was sent to the player was also showing all the players hands at the table not just those that normally would be shown.Rigged: The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who. The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire--and How It All.